CMS Trans Logistics Inc. has a large network of over 12,000 shipowners and brokers operating worldwide.

Within this large shipping network, we have possibity to find suitable vessels for your all kinds of cargoes with our ship chartering services. As well as able to find a ship at the right position and cost, it is also able to find suitable cargoes for shipowners. Ourcompany has been operating since many years in the sector.

At the same time, we ensure the correct charter party agreements for our charterer’s. At every stage of transportation; We bring the right ship together, right cargo and right freight parameters to our customers in the most favorable conditions.

We offer our experience’s to the customers over the years. By keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront and providing high quality, reliable and high standard service to cargo and ship operators, our experience closely follows the developments in the sector with its extensive database, responding to customer needs in the fastest way in confidentiality frame.