CMS Trans Logistics Inc. provides modern and high engineering calculations and complete ship chartering and partial freight transportation services in many of the world's rivers.

CMS Trans Logistics A.Ş. provides complex ship chartering and partial cargo handling services with Romanian-Bulgarian-Ukrainian and Russian-flagged river-type vessels with which it has the right to operate and lease, from Danube river to northern european ports, to black sea ports and Volga Don river to Caspian Sea ports.
CMS Trans Lojistik A.Ş is a regular company between the ports of Marmara / Black Sea and Caspian Sea ports (Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Kazakhstan, Iran – Bandar Anzali) with 4/6 river ship per month (April – November) Carries out. In addition, within the scope of multi-modal freight services, our company is able to offer a wide range of bulk loads (metal, iron) such as heavy or bulky project loads of a wide variety or console loads (Reactor, Tbm, Steel constructions, Machinery & Equipment, Barge, – steel, forest products) and all the equipment necessary to carry the cargo carried in the container.
River vessels and sea-river type vessels with a minimum of 500 tonnes and 5,000 tonnes capacity are suitable for the needs of our customers. The length of the ships and the draft (low water level) make it possible to proceed in shallow waters.
The transport activities carried out on the Danube River, the Volga Don River, the Caspian Sea provide much more cost advantages than other transport models. It is also the only alternative route for very heavy and “over size” carriages.
CMS Trans Lojistik A.Ş gives new idea to the sector with its many alternative options from river ports to Europe ports and Danube River to Black Sea, Turkish domestic ports, Russia to Volga Don River to Caspian Sea.